A Little Talk

As a photographic artist, I always passionate to develop photographic works and related to the world current political situation, nature. Since I was originally from Taiwan, the international relationship always is a critical and sensitive topic for myself as Taiwanese-American. Therefore, mainly, photography would be my primary to capture the world and to explain my perspective view of the international relationship.

Beside photographic artwork, I’m also a freelance photographer and wants to be a master titled in wedding photography industry. I have always enjoyed the time while capturing the special moment with client. Therefore, after graduated from San Jose State University, I planned to develop a wedding photography business partner, Lizbeth Millan, to pursuit our dream using the photography.

Kuan has been photograph behind the lenses since 2011. He received Liberal Arts Associate Degree in the year of 2015 from Chabot College. Meanwhile, Jack will be graduated soon with his Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography in San Jose State University at the end of 2017.